“Grüss Gott”

and Welcome to

Austrian Farms of Texas

"The cutest little Distillery in the State."

Here at AFT Distillery, we are proud to be the first and only fruit to bottle Edelbrand distillers in the Great State of Texas.

Our Award-winning Edelbrand is a premium fruit brandy made in Luling, Texas according to centuries old tradition handed down through generations of artisan distillers living in the Austrian Alps.

Edelbrand is as pure as it gets. The only things added to our fruit brandy is Austrian Heritage and Texas Pride.

It doesn't get any more genuine than this.

Alpengold Edelbrand

"The Original Sipper"


top awarded artisan fruit brandies

The ALPENGOLD Family is finally complete:

All our Fruit Brandies are premium Edelbrands (Noble Brandy - the purest Brandy in the world) = Pure, whole Fruit, Yeast and Water.

And absolutely nothing else!

Besides the art and knowledge of our Craft Distiller!

Catching the essence of the fruit within the delicious, clear distillate in small batch production, we strive for excellent quality and award winning smoothness and flavor.

We then take all three and age them with white oak. This takes all of our brandies in three totally different directions. A sure surprise to all of the Whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon drinkers out there.

So, come and sit back while sipping on something very special made in Texas.

Sip responsibly!

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AFT Distillery was voted as one of the10BestCraft Brandy Distillery in America 2019 and 2020 by

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