Alpengold Edelbrand Apple Brandy





Fresh, crisp aromas suggest …APPLE!



Elegant, subtle, fruity but dry body with notes of …APPLE!



Enchanting, even-tempered, solid yet fresh finish hinting to …APPLE!


Well, we think, you get the drift!

Our goal is to create the purest Fruit Brandy possible by mashing the whole, premium single variety apples (which one is proprietary secret) at the peak of ripeness to capture the essential characteristics and essence of the fruit. Your savoring experience will begin with the incomparable aroma of fresh cut apple, apex in a burst of flavor, tasting every part from core, to flesh, to peel, and end in a smooth, long lasting finish.

The main object is to taste the APPLE.

If you can additionally taste apple yoghurt, white chocolate truffles, mango or papaya –


Aplengold Edelbrand Williams Pear Brandy





Fully rounded yet fresh and crisp aromas suggest …PEAR!



Sophisticated sweetness with slight undertones of peel notes of …PEAR!



Fascinating, well leveled and elegant finish hinting to …PEAR!



Well, again, we think, you get the drift!

See description APPLE, and replace the word APPLE with PEAR!

No, really!

If we want you to taste mango, we will serve you Mango Brandy!

Aplengold Edelbrand Cherry Brandy




There is nothing really subtle or hinting in our CHERRY Edelbrand.

The first whiff of the glass screams in your face,”C H E R R Y!”

The first sip leaves no doubt of what you are about to receive.


As much as we like to make fun of overly pixilated expressions to describe a product, the CHERRY Edelbrand almost demands them.

But to describe it best:

maybe some of you had the opportunity as a child, like yours truly, to remember the almost decadent and insatiable adventure of sitting in a cherry tree full of ripe, plump, sweet, juicy cherries and stuff as much as possible of these little pieces of heaven in your little mouth, trying to crush and chew them all at once so you live to taste this explosion of divine juices (and then spit out all the stones at once like a wood chipper) -

this is exactly the experience you will have drinking this extraordinary Edelbrand (without the stone spitting part)!

Capturing the very essence of cherries with their classy undertone of almonds will make you rave about it like we do!

VABC 2018 Award Bronze(1).png


texas oak reserve



Now we are taking the world's purest Fruit Brandy and introduce it to TOASTED WHITE AMERICAN OAK!


Similar to "Calvados" from the french Normandy region, where Apple Brandies (made from juice) are combined with French Limousin Oak, we merry our Apple Edelbrand with American Oak!

For a brandy to be considered "Calvados" it must at least originate in the Calvados Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC), similar to "Cognac" and "Champagne".

So we call ours "TEXAS OAK RESERVE"!

And the outcome is amazing! Still keeping the wonderful, crisp finish of the Apple, a tender, woody smokiness from the oak nudges this gem almost towards the smooth experience of a single barrel whiskey!

The best of both worlds!



texas oak reserve



Again - we are taking the world's purest Fruit Brandy and introduce it to TOASTED WHITE AMERICAN OAK!

Only very few distillers in the "Edelbrand"-region of Austria, Germany and Switzerland mature their product for a minimum of 2 years in oak barrels.

The loss of liquids caused by the"Angel share" (evaporation of alcohol in porous wood) puts this already costly Brandy in a completely different price realm!

We dare to do it different, but with the same result.

Again - the outcome is amazing!

Combining the almost oily smoothness of the pear with the smokey wood brings this Brandy to new hights and a totally unexpected drinking sensation.

We are not the only ones known to compare this treasure to a solid Single Malt Scotch - without the peat!

Again - the best of both worlds!

VABC 2018 Award Grand Champion.png


texas oak reserve



After extensive research we could not find ANY of the

REAL Edelbrand distillers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland who are brave (or just adventurous) enough to put this precious fluid into oak barrels.

The fact that it takes up to 22lbs of cherries to produce one of these bottles and the unavoidable "Angel share"

almost prohibit any further processing.

Again - we dare to do it different. We cannot even say,

"but with the same result", because NO real comparison exists!

And again - the outcome is phantastic!

The suttle hint of the toasted oak transforms this already most unique splendor into an unforeseen explosion of flavors without loosing it's authenticity but the most pleasant inhancement and ends in a marvellous sipping sensation!

Smoothest Bourbon meets cherry tree!

Again - the best of both worlds!

VABC 2018 Award Silver(1).png
VABC 2018 Award Highest Score(1).png


cream royale


When people first see our "CREAM" they all have the same question," this eggnog?"

...and we always have the same answer:

"this is what eggnog WISHES TO BE!"

Except the "egg" part there is NO "nog"!

Ask an Austrian or German about "Eierlikör" (egg liqueur) and they will recommend it with excitement. Ask about

"homemade Eierlikör" and you will see eyes rolling in  the back of the head and hear only a yearning sigh!

It's as unique as the proverbial jackalope!

The result of the cherished family recipe from our distiller's great-grandmother is a creamy, full bodied dream of cream, vanilla and Brandy.

Much too delicious to enjoy only during one season we drink it pure, add it to coffee, ice cream, cobbler, cake...

the possibilities are endless...

So savory it's almost addictive...