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What is that ????


Many of you know “Schnaps” as a clear drinking alcohol, made of whatever the heck you can get your hands on, sometimes straight like moonshine or “sugared up” and artificially flavored like “Peach Schnapps”.

Pretty much the same goes for the people in the alpine regions of Europe.

But they also have something very special – Edelbrand!

Well, Edelbrand is a clear drinking alcohol, made of whatever the heck you can get your hands on.


So, Edelbrand is Schnaps! But – hold your horses - Schnaps is NOT Edelbrand.


It’s the “…whatever the heck you can get your hands on…”-part.

As it is true, that Edelbrand (literally translated: Noble Brandy) is made from a variety of raw materials, it is also an absolute requirement to use only premium fruit, vegetables, herbs and roots at the peak of ripeness.

And – similar to the German “Purity Law” for beer – by law Edelbrand is ONLY made from the previously mentioned raw materials, yeast and water. Nothing else.

Any addition of sugar, natural or artificial coloring or flavoring materials, caramel, fruit juice or fruit wine is strictly prohibited and an absolute NO-NO.

This guarantees the highest reachable quality of Fruit Brandy.


The production of Obstbrand (Fruit Brandy) in Austria was probably going on since the early 12th century, but was really first documented around 1492 – yes, Christopher Columbus was just getting seasick on his way to find India – and, of course heavily taxed immediately after.

In the early 18th century Austrian empress Maria Theresia relieved this tax burden significantly for small farmers, provided that only self-grown fruit from their own land or wild fruit gathered in the woods could be distilled in limited amounts in permissible plain pot stills.

Naturally in these times the harvest of certainly not always perfect suitable farm fruit was a hit and miss in lieu of today’s agricultural and biochemical assistance and the resulting Fruit Brandy mirrored the quality of the fruit.

And we all know: you cannot make gold from lead (despite the to date unsuccessful attempts of all the alchemists), meaning you cannot make a superior product from inferior materials.

So, born out of necessity (and probably a lot of sour faces, hangovers and headaches) the farmers developed recipes and procedures, handed over and perfected from generation to generation to extract the essence of the fruit - the heart- to create the best Fruit Brandy possible.

The progress in science supported this endeavor immensely by improving the quality and variety of the raw materials which find their peak in today’s Edelbrand as the purest and finest form of 100% fruit distillate yet still made artfully and passionately according to traditional procedures.

Trained by the best and entrusted with these secrets, our Austrian Master Distiller transforms handpicked small batches of fruit in an Austrian pot still by using this artful and intense hands-on distilling process, and brings it to life in a clear, smooth piece of heaven. Covering the entire taste pallet from the flesh to the peel, a lingering aroma of fresh cut fruit caresses the senses and ends in a heartwarming diffusion at the finish.


So please, do not just ask for a “Schnaps”, ask for an “Edelbrand”.

Better though – ask for ALPENGOLD EDELBRAND.

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