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February 12, 2018




AFT Distillery Announces Release of Initial Three ALPENGOLD Edelbrands

Premium European Fruit Brandy, Crafted in Central Texas


LULING, TEXAS–Austrian Farms of Texas LLC, aptly named “AFT Distillery,” has launched the first of their premium fruit brandies, also known as “Edelbrand”. For the past four years, AFT Distillery has been quietly working to perfect the art and science of crafting premium European-style fruit brandy in Central Texas and today announced the release of their much-anticipated ALPENGOLD Apple, Williams Pear and Cherry Edelbrands.


“Our premium, hand-crafted fruit brandies are something many people in Texas have been waiting for.” said Alexandra Cantwell, owner and Master Distiller of AFT Distillery. “Many of our Austrian, German, Swiss, Czech and Polish communities here in Texas have been missing their authentic Schnaps since before the start of prohibition. Back then they would make it in their barns and sheds with what fruit they had available. Now, we can offer it to a wider audience of Texans.”



Edelbrand is not the syrupy, super-sweet American-proclaimed “schnapps” one typically finds on the local liquor store shelf, which is mostly vodka enhanced with sugar and flavored with peppermint or peach. Edelbrands reflects the 800-year Alpine tradition of mashing, distilling and bottling of the finest available fruit into the highest quality spirits. This premium fruit brandy is mainly made in the Alpine regions of Austria, Germany, Switzerland France and Luxemburg.


“Produced only from the entire fruit without any addition of sugar or flavoring under the strictest laws of all EU-countries, Austrian Edelbrands are established as the highest quality achievable, carefully crafted to meet strenuous and extensive industry standards,” said Cantwell. “I was lucky enough to be trained by the best distillers of this coveted spirit.”


Most fruit brandies produced today use fermented fruit juice but ALPENGOLD’s Edelbrands are produced in the way of the traditional artisan, using the whole fruit and without the addition of any sugars, flavors or other additives.


ALPENGOLD Edelbrands, currently available at the distillery tasting room at 4607 FM 86 in Luling, and shipping to Texas retailers soon. Learn more about the “fruit juice for adults” at





About AFT Distillery



AFT Distillery is a farm distillery nestled in the rolling hills between Luling and Lockhart, Texas.  Sitting back off the main road amongst the cows and wilds hogs, and like the traditional distilleries of the Alps once inside you feel like you just stepped into a village in Austria.


Owned and operated by Alexandra Cantwell, Master Distiller, along with her self-proclaimed “mule and bottle washer” husband, KC. Born and raised in Lower Austria, Cantwell grew up savoring the taste of Edelbrand. Taught the art of craft distilling by some of the most accomplished and highly awarded Edelbrand distillers in the Tyrolian region in Austria she now makes this highly sought-after fruit brand in Texas, her adopted home.

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